Minute(s) Left [Semi-Hiatus] Sera Taetae

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please, let me hear at least your breath

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When asked if she wants to be on a musical again

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Can you recommend any good girl group blogs? Like yourself?

hmmm, i would say all the ones i follow are good ^^ (most of them post girl groups) check them here :D

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gifs of sera for doffeine.

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omfg that suzy post u did was 10k! congrats!

hehe thank you ^^ that was ages ago lol

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what do you look like? selca pls

haha no thanks :P

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Why do you keep coming to me? I’ll forget you eventually
I’ve endured by thinking that but why did you come to me again?  can’t do this anymore, just take the memories with you. You’re bad news to me, no more, I’m not your doll.

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nine muses worlddo not edit.

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photoset of kyungri in 2013 for infinite-addicted

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nine muses: 2010–2013

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