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believe in five 

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“I wouldn’t so easily dare say that Kara will be forever, but I know that all five of us shine the brightest and are loved the most when we are together. Shouldn’t just knowing that be enough? Because in this world there many people that don’t even know things like that.” - Gyuri

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What is one of the most memorable fan encounters you guys had?
KARA: We remember one couple who is around 50 years old, whom we met in Yokohama during the KARASIA Japan tour. This husband took his visually-handicapped wife to attend KARASIA and she said, “I couldn’t see but I feel your concert. I felt very happy, thanks for your hard work.” When we read this article the next day, we decided to work even harder for the fans who love us.

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damaged lady.

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6/many of Gyuri’s charms

Happy Birthday KARA’s Leader Park Gyuri #GyuriBirthday

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Jiyoung picspam // Requested by anon

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Gyuri / Requested by fyeahhamtofu & jonginsideofyou

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top 5 selcas of your kara bias~

i dont really have a bias because they’re all so perfect T_T but these are my favorite selcas~  1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

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